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I spend 6 months in Hong Kong covering The Pro-Democracy  Protests for different News Media. 

In this page, you can see a slideshow named "Hong Kong Protests 2019 - Photographty Slides Show" with some of my best photos and a series of Videos (from June to December) I Took during this time.



Hong Kong Protests 2019 - Photographty Slides Show

Hong Kong Protests 10 November 2019 

Hong Kong Protests  09 November 2019  

Hong Kong Protests  On the 70 Years anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party 01 October 2019  

Hong Kong Protests 10 August 2019 

Hong Kong Protests in Ta Shin on  July 14 2019 

Hong Kong Protests  on  13 July 2019 

Hong Kong Protests June 12, 2019 Video

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