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Hong Kong, In the Name of Democracy

(Banned in China and in Hong Kong)

Hard Cover
Portrait  21.5×15.7 cm
Pages: 64
ISBN: 978-2-9199676-0-5
Date of publication: 17/01/2021

Click Photo to see the Book on Video

This is an early version ("Maquette") of my Photography Book "Hong Kong, In the Name of Democracy" Final version of the Book is a bit different. The layout changes a little bit and some photos got replaced with others.
"Hong Kong, In the Name of Democracy" is a book that shows a selection of photographs I took in Hong Kong while covering the protests and Pro-Democracy Movement during the last six months of 2019.  

This book is a tribute to the People of Hong Kong and for the Heroes of the movement that lost their lives fighting the Chinese Communist Government In the Name of Democracy and their love for Hong Kong.
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Click Photo to see the Book on Video

New Edition coming out soon !!!

The Taiwanese Experience

This Edition Sold Out

Soft Cover
Landscape 25×20 cm
40 Pages
ISBN: 9781367531451
Date of publication: June 27, 2016
This is a presentation for my future book "The Taiwanese Experience”. The Taiwanese Experience is a long-term Photography Project that I started back in 2014 when I moved to Taiwan. 
When I arrived I started using Photography to observe, document, and understand Taiwanese Society in its daily Life.
Taking Photographs was and still is the way I digest all these emotions that are transmitted to me by this City. It helps me to adapt to this environment.
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